Present a proper and complete claim for your personal property contents; structure damages and additional living expense


It is important you maintain your

credibility and respond exactly to

what you are asked without any

big stories and explanations. Think

about things in advance of making

calls or sending letters, keep and

review a diary to help you recall

all the facts and events. Take photographs to help support

your comments and show conditions;

do not, repeat, do not be emotional.

Remember, the insurance professionals

and attorneys probably see numerous claims every day and while this can be a

heart-wrenching experience for you,

these people require that you be specific and answer the question. If you do not understand the question, say that. If you think the person is trying to trap you, answer "Qualified Yes or Qualified No"; they'll ask you to explain. 

Prepare yourself so you know how to answer the questions of adjusters or lawyers